Shopping Eldorado was launched in September 1981, the third shopping mall in São Paulo. Since then, it has been making investments in order to offer an agreeable environment and a variety of options to its clients.

Services Area

At the end of the 80s – anticipating a trend in consumer need - the consumers increasingly overwhelmed by professional demands and searching for a centralized services supply that would also cover domestic needs, Shopping Eldorado launched the Services Area (1st basement floor). It was modeled to allow increases in the number of stores and to include diversified segments, which made it one of the most complete services area within shopping malls.
Today, there are approximately 40 service options for the consumer, ranging from ATMs of main banks to drycleaners, clothing repair, picture framing, jewelry repair, currency exchange center and travel agency, passport issue station, among others.

Food Courts

In 1992 Shopping Eldorado launched the first food court located in a shopping mall – the Coração Paulista court assembles large fast food chains, in addition to the Terraço Gourmet, which offers famous restaurants, and the Praça da Fonte, a cozy restaurant area.

In 1993 we added new leisure and sports options
Espaço Cultural Eldorado is an academy dedicated to dance, theater and fashion. In addition to courses and lessons, it also supports and promotes art and culture, through the development of specific projects that enable artists from different fields to show their work.
Body Tech Academia is the biggest indoor gym club in Latin America, located in a 9 thousand-m² area, offering over 60 sports and fitness activities to a diverse public. The highlights are the programs developed by the club’s professionals for specific groups of people.
The movie theater was launched in the second half of 2006. It comprises 9 movie theaters of the Cinemark chain, one of them the first in South America with 3D projection, and 8 more theaters with digital projection, love seats, and a modern lounge where you can wait comfortably for the beginning of your movie.
In 2004 the Teatro das Artes was launched on the shopping mall’s 3rd floor. The theater has 800 seats and has already staged renowned plays and shows, and famous actors.  

Parking Lot
Aiming to increase safety and comfort of the shopping mall’s customers, in 1996 a new computerized control system that rigorously tracks all entrances and exits was implemented in the parking lot, reinforcing security and guaranteeing a functional use of the space.
Since October 2004, Shopping Eldorado offers over 1,000 parking places in the Edifício Garagem, with 5 floors and direct access to the shopping mall through G2-1st floor stores and G4-2nd floor stores.  

VIP Parking Lot
Shopping Eldorado offers a free parking valet service, with no additional cost, to customers with disabilities, located at the central entrance – ground floor.

Consumer Profile
Its location in the West Region, upscale region with one of the highest purchasing powers of the country, with easy access by large avenues (Rebouças, Eusébio Matoso, Brigadeiro Faria Lima, Marginal Pinheiros), and proximity to companies, banks and a student pole (Unibanco, Johnson&Johnson, Telefônica, Pinheiro Neto & Associados, Editora Abril, USP, Colégio Equipe, UMC), characterizes the economic profile of the Shopping Eldorado customer.
Within a range of 3 km of the shopping mall, reside 162,264 people in 52,587 homes, predominantly within the A and B social segments, and accounting for an average income of R$ 5,400.00. In this area are also located 17,844 companies with 140,265 employees.